Efod Art Embroidery

Each and every stich of the unique Judaica works made at Efod studio reflects the biography, personality and connection to Jewish tradition of Adina Gat, the living soul behind it.

The studio resides on the second floor of her Nahariya home – an intimate place where, assisted by a dedicated team consisting of a designer, general workers and embroiders, she creates textile Judaica items – Challa and Matzah covers, Parochets for synagogue arks, Chuppahs, embroidered Tallits with matching bags, Brith cushions and more…

  • Efod Art Embroidery 1
  • Efod Art Embroidery 2
  • Efod Art Embroidery 3
    Amiel Talit & bag
  • Efod Art Embroidery 4
  • Efod Art Embroidery 5
    Ari - black
  • Efod Art Embroidery 6
    chupa emtza
  • Efod Art Embroidery 7
    gray cloth (1)
  • Efod Art Embroidery 8
  • Efod Art Embroidery 9
    Hupa Kol Sasason_1
  • Efod Art Embroidery 10
    Hupa London
  • Efod Art Embroidery 11
    Male Yadenu
  • Efod Art Embroidery 12
    Shabat CLOTH1
  • Efod Art Embroidery 13
    Shabat kodesh
  • Efod Art Embroidery 14
    shalom alechem2
  • Efod Art Embroidery 15
    shimel teffilin
  • Efod Art Embroidery 16
    Talit Daniel 4.12
  • Efod Art Embroidery 17
    Turner Chuppah

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The hand embroidered items represent an individual, spiritual and modern perception of Judaism and tradition. Adina uses current fabrics, chooses surprising color combinations and presents designs that draw their inspiration from diverse Jewish sources: plants and flowers specified in the bible, old Judaica artworks from all over the world, and abstract interpretation of Jewish topics.

Adina, was born in Hadera, was a member of Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev, yet found her home in Nahariya where she met the textile artist Yael Shyla, who created tapestries. “Eight years of working together with Yael were my years of learning and training. We created together useful items from fabric – bags, vests, ties and more. We showed them to Ruth Dayan, who managed Maskit at the time. She was enthusiastic, and that’s how the business called Efod began. The transition from making fashion items to creating Judaica involved a personal loss. “In 1982 my father, Avraham Rafiach, passed away. I wanted to commemorate his beloved memory and felt the most appropriate way to do so was by embroidering a Parochet for the synagogue he used to pray in”. The first Parochet was embroidered with the verse “Sing To God a New Song”, and was different from anything seen in Israel up to that time. The dignified, colorful and vivid design and singular verse project the change that Efod’s motto had undergone since – to sing a new and current song of praise to the Jewish tradition.

Efod’s clientele is diversified and spread over many countries. For these clients, just as much as for Adina, a custom made Chuppah or a uniquely designed Tallit are not just esthetic items or ritual objects: they represent a celebration of a family event, the commemoration of loved ones and an important moment of meeting Judaism and the Land of Israel. This personal encounter, Adina’s deep acquaintance with Judaism and her constant desire to innovate and renew, generate unique works of art, hand-made with meticulous care, that become collector’s items as well as precious family heirlooms.