Aromantica – Cabins with a Galilean Scent

We would like to share a secret with you: The agricultural settlement of Ben-Ami conceals within its boundaries another small autonomous entity; a kind of intimate yet spacious piece of paradise, assertively managed by an intelligent, warm couple. Rehovot born Varda has shared her life here with Ben-Ami born Ilan for more than three decades. Seven years ago they decided to turn their orchard into a beautiful garden and followed their dream.

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The Aromantica complex, immersed in green, conceals three pampering wooden cabins.
At the center of the garden, a pretty patch of lawn and a pleasant outdoor grill shed. The sounds of water flowing in the yards and gentle tinkling of wind chimes will blend in the ears of a guest sleepily swinging in the hammock, turning into a continuous caress.

The cabins’ location was carefully picked by a landscape architect to enable complete utilization of the garden. Each balcony gets a burst of warm sunrays coming in through the treetops until noon, leaving the complex pleasant throughout the day.
The cabins are built as one space, and are designed primarily for couples, though some families like the idea of sharing a space very much. Each cabin features a Jacuzzi positioned next to a romantic wood-burning fireplace, a Home Theater System, a refrigerator, a large bed and a comfortable living room as well as wireless internet and an accessorized kitchen geared for warming up food.
Upon entering the room, guests will find refreshments, mostly home-made: cakes or cookies, olive oil, wine and fresh mint-lemonade, milk in the refrigerator and some chocolates by the bed. In addition, a delicious breakfast can be ordered for an additional fee, as can couples’ massage treatments in the cabin.
In summer Ilan and Varda invite guests to enjoy the renovated swimming pool at Kibbutz Cabri. Arrangements with other businesses in the area will be specified on location. The Moshav also offers a grocery store, a kennel to facilitate pet arrangements, a playground, sports courts, a cowshed, a dairy goat farm and restaurant as well as a jewelry gallery and a second-hand book store.
The frame of fruit trees, reminiscent of the citrus orchard that once dominated the area, gives the place a final primordial touch. Avocado and olive groves extend behind the garden followed by the Ga’aton River. At your request, Ilan would love to take you on an informal tour and provide some additional explanations.

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