One can literally imagine Osnat Fuchs of Moshav Liman wandering the streets, her eyes constantly on the lookout for old objects that can be made into works of art. When somebody throws out old furniture Osnat will be there first. And if the broken, worn-out, fragile living room table, placed at the bottom of the pile, is to her liking, she will make sure to give it a new life with her magic touch. Again will it stand straight on its feet, adorned by multicolor mosaic; and not even you will be able resist paying a considerable amount of money to become its proud owner.

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Gesher HaZiv

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She creates stained-glass works; displays and sells original Jewelry as well as gifts for children, house décor and more durable works, designed to ornament the garden and withstand weather conditions. Knowledgeable in many techniques, Osnat knows how to draw rustic folk drawings on wood and metal.

However, most impressive seems to be her collection of breadboxes; the ones made of enamel, used in the olden-days, still thrown out by some people. Osnat cleans them, fixes there hinges when needed, and then gives them a beauty treatment that includes painting, drawing and decorating, thus turning them into works of art.

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