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The audiences, who cheered at the musician, creator and choirmaster Tova Reshef during the many years of her career, could not have anticipated how far from music, her first career, she would take her leisure-time activities. Tova, who lives at the Atzmon community in the Western Galilee, chooses nowadays, after many years of an extensive musical career, to create in her own studio far from the stage and the cheering crowds..

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הThere, among the piles of Fimo Tova sets free a need that arose in her to explore other new, creative, earthly areas, where mind equals matter. “During recent years I felt an increasing need to explore and exhaust other areas”, she explains, “It was a long process that stemmed from a clear intrinsic process. Three years ago I visited an exhibition of an artist who creates in Fimo – and at that instance I knew: This is what I am going to do! This mysterious material bought me at once and I fell completely in love with it. The polymer material and the possibilities it holds for creation – simply fascinated me.”

And since Tova is a serious, thorough and resourceful person, she treated her new hobby with the same earnestness she did the choirs she conducted, the concerts she performed and the competitions she judged. She began learning, collecting information and mainly experimenting. She packed her studio with raw materials, instruments and professional literature and hit the road…

You are welcome to visit Tova’s beautiful Galilee studio, where you can view a variety of Jewelry, gifts and artistic designs and drink herbal tea from herbs freshly picked in the artist’s own garden.