Rya’s Gallery

Rya Oshpiz is a painter who paints in an expressionistic and slightly surrealistic style. She calls her paintings visionary art and her work is exhibited in many galleries in Israel and around the globe.

Being a second generation to Holocaust survivors, Rya Oshpiz says she chose to paint the ‘full half of the glass’ and let go of old wounds; to understand yet conceal. “It is not a simple process however, it is a healing one”. She explains.

  • Rya's Gallery 1
    הגלריה של ריה 1
  • Rya's Gallery 2
    גלריה ריה 2
  • Rya's Gallery 3
    גלריה ריה 3
  • Rya's Gallery 4
    גלריה ריה 4
  • Rya's Gallery 5
  • Rya's Gallery 6
    גלריה ריה 6
  • Rya's Gallery 7
  • Rya's Gallery 8
  • Rya's Gallery 9
  • Rya's Gallery 10

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Kfar Vradim

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Rya’s beautiful gallery, built as a round space, is located on the first floor of her house in Kfar Vradim and serves her also as an atelier. The walls are adorned with her impressive paintings, and the place also comprises a glass cabinet featuring jewelry she designs as a hobby.

In addition to the gallery, Rya conducts Artist’s Workshops in which she presents her works to participants and opens her home to them for viewing some more of her works.

Visitors can paint in the courtyard of her lovely home for an hourly fee.

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