Hatzanhania (Sky Jump)

A ‘Tandem’ familiarization skydive is a once in a lifetime experience, the sensation of touching the sky, flying like a bird, feeling the adrenalin flowing in the blood and then landing safely on the ground, this is an addictive unique sensation.

  • Hatzanhania (Sky Jump) 1
    הצנחנייה - אוצרות הגליל
  • Hatzanhania (Sky Jump) 2
    הצנחנייה - אוצרות הגליל
  • Hatzanhania (Sky Jump) 3
    הצנחנייה - אוצרות הגליל
  • Hatzanhania (Sky Jump) 4
    הצנחנייה - אוצרות הגליל
  • Hatzanhania (Sky Jump) 5
    הצנחנייה - אוצרות הגליל
  • Hatzanhania (Sky Jump) 6
    הצנחנייה - אוצרות הגליל
  • Hatzanhania (Sky Jump) 7
  • Hatzanhania (Sky Jump) 8
    הצנחנייה - אוצרות הגליל
  • Hatzanhania (Sky Jump) 9
    הצנחנייה - אוצרות הגליל
  • Hatzanhania (Sky Jump) 10
    הצנחנייה - אוצרות הגליל

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Hatzanhania is a Skydiving Club located in Kibbutz Shomrat and managed by professional and experienced skydiving instructors, each and every one of them having more than 1,000 skydives in his resume, when each instructor possesses licenses of The United States Parachute Association and The Israeli Skydiving Association.
The Club offers a skydive with one of the instructors from heights ranging between 11,000 feet (3.5 km) – 13,000 feet (4 km).
Before the skydive, the participants undergo a short briefing and explanation that prepare them for the familiarization skydive.
After the briefing, they put on skydiving jumpsuits, harnesses and helmets and board the airplane with the instructors.
The airplane takes off from the Yigael YadinAirport located in the Krayot Region near Haifa (the participants arrive to Shomrat and from there they are transported to the airport), flies for about 15 – 20 minutes above the hypnotizing landscapes of the Western Galilee: the Acre (Akko) Bay, the Rosh Hanikra Cliff Bay and the cities of Acre and Nahariya, and provides spectacular scenery views of Mount Hermon, Mount Carmel and the coastline of Israel. When the airplane reaches the parachuting height, the student skydivers are connected to the harness attached to their instructors and in a minute the airplane’s door opens and they commence a 45 second dizzying freefall at a velocity of 200 km/h until the parachute opens.
As soon as the parachute opens, the silence, the sceneries and the unfathomable beauty surround the skydivers until their safe landing on the ground.
The skydive is performed between Bustan Hagalil and Shomrat above the coastline, after the freefall the parachute opens and a 7-minute float takes place in front of the families and the friends watching the skydive from the ground.