Zanfeld Jewelry

In the unique El-Patio building at Tefen, inside an iron-bar secured office, protected by an alarm and other means of alert, we found shelves laden with silver-plate animal sculptures. Display trays awaited us filled with prestige silver and gold jewelry, rings inlaid with precious stones, bracelets and earrings in classic designs. All these are only a part of the wide variety of jewels and sculptures made by Israel Zanfeld of Moshav Zuriel, a veteran Jewelry manufacturer that together with his father is a sixth generation jewelry designer.

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The display room is not far from the plant where employees sit working. Visitors arriving at 3 Dolev Street at the end of Migdal Tefen, can enter the distinctive building that holds both the plant and the display room of Zanfeld Jewelry. Not far from a bread bakery located under the Zikit Theater visitors can see the jewelry production in process from the sketching stage through the prototype to the finished product plated in precious metal – gold or silver.
The story of Israel, the owner, is a particularly fascinating one. Many years ago, together with his father, he moved to Mexico where the family established a jewelry plant in the town of Taxco, where all residents engage in gold and silver crafting. Israel fell in love with one of his Mexican workers and after she converted to Judaism they were married. The couple has two children who were born in Taxco and another one who was born after they returned to Israel and moved to Moshav Zuriel.
“We are characterized by the classic designs we sell – ‘Old fashioned jewelry'” explains Israel. The profusion of patterns indeed attests to the fruitful imagination of Israel who admits to have been similarly impacted by both traditional Mexican art and Jewish Tradition.

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