Nava Wolf defines herself as a “book lover from her mother’s womb” and as a “third generation of book lovers and hoarders”.

When the walls in her house were filled with books with no space to spare, she decided to turn the room of her children, who had already left the house, into a small store for exchanging books and selling second-hand books. She inundated the children’s room with books, and when that room also grew too small for the hundreds of books that piled the shelves, she decided to turn the family cowshed, which no longer accommodated cows, into a giant library.

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    מחלף הספרים - בן עמי
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    מחלף הספרים - בן עמי

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Rows and rows of books, from top to bottom, fill the cowshed. Shelf after shelf filled to the brim with books of all types and eras; known authors next to less known ones, poets and illustrators, all found a home here. Second-hand books, alongside new ones sold as second hand, books of every kind and style:

All the books in the cowshed are second hand books, even the few new books there were sold to Nava as second hand books and she in turn sells anything from classical books and historical novels, to romantic literature and thrillers. Hebrew literature and translated foreign literature poetry and essays next to prose and plays. A huge department of children’s books, a department of rare books published long before the state of Israel was established. A row of encyclopedias that no one is interested in anymore, but Nava’s heart refuses to throw them in the garbage and she gives them a respectable place on the shelves.

Wandering through the treasure known as the BooXchange is an exciting experience for book lovers, who will find here rows and rows and piles on piles containing thousands of books, many of them nostalgic ones.

Nostalgia brought Nava to develop a new business: the business of locating books. Tell Nava what book you are looking for and she will find it for you; it does not matter if it’s a book written in the year of the flood by old publishers that no longer exist, such as: Kitrei, Amikhai or Makhbarot Lesafroot. Nava keeps nostalgic books alive.

Amongst others, the BooXchange has complete series such as the collected writings of Shalom Aleichem, Hayyim Hazaz, Tshernikhovski and Bialik in the original publication. Visitors can also find here dictionaries that are not in demand: Even Shoshan, Alkali and Megiddo dictionaries, the Britannica encyclopedia, the Hebrew encyclopedia and Aviv encyclopedia. Books that used to be a household name in any respectable Israeli home in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, and Nava Wolf guards them passionately from becoming obsolete.

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