Mirpest Me’hasipurim (Storyteller’s Balcony)

Opher Abel worked as a tour guide in Turkey for many years, and his inspiration for ‘Mirpeset Me’Hasipurim’ was the Turkish Kuşak, a hut built on posts located on river banks. Upon his return from his voyages, he built at the foot of his home in Mitzpe Hila, at the heart of an oak forest opposite the Ladder of Tyre mountain ridge, a walk distance away from the Montfort and the Khziv River, a balcony reminiscent of the Kuşak he saw in Turkey, and called it ‘Mirpeset Me’Hasipurim’.
Opher’s balcony, similar to the Turkish Kuşak, is also built on posts, however, instead of on a river bank it is located in the middle of a forest.

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    סדנאות של פעם - עופר אבל
  • Mirpest Me'hasipurim (Storyteller's Balcony) 2
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    סדנאות של פעם - עופר אבל 1
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    סדנאות של פעם - עופר אבל 3
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    סדנאות של פעם עופר אבל 4
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    סדנאות של פעם עופר אבל5
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    סדנאות של פעם עופר אבל6
  • Mirpest Me'hasipurim (Storyteller's Balcony) 15
    מרפסת מהסיפורים
  • Mirpest Me'hasipurim (Storyteller's Balcony) 16
  • Mirpest Me'hasipurim (Storyteller's Balcony) 17
    מרפסת מהסיפורים כללי
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In order to reach it, one has to steer of the inner road of Mitzpe Hila and take a devious path following Opher’s directions. The trouble seems worth it once the visitor reaches the balcony. Located in a secluded, romantic, extraordinary place, the balcony is hidden in the tree shade, covered with tarpaulin and jute sheets that are rolled up during both summer and winter revealing the forest and the landscape to its occupants. The hut is connected to the electricity and water. Its’ floor is covered with a mat and eight mattresses are arranged in the circumference awaiting lodgers. Also available in the hut is a storage cabinet for cushions and blankets. A television is missing by design, however an audio system is provided alongside disks with good music.
A Druze Kerosene heater warms up the place in winter days, and a fan alongside the natural breeze coming in through the open tent-cloths alleviate the summer’s heat.
The hut features an accessorized kitchen including a refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, electric-stove, cooking equipment and cutlery and a coffee/tea set. The hut also comprises a toilet and a shower.
Outside the hut, a hammock is hanging among the trees, and climbing a little further up, an additional chill out place is exposed adjacent to a roofed bonfire site (after all it is the middle of the forest) a Poyke, a Saj for Pita frying and a barbeque corner.
Children are welcome to enjoy a small pool located at the house of the hosts a little ways up forest, but only in the company of an adult.
The place is simple, charming and informal, suitable for people who like to travel in nature and sleep in tents, still look for a place a little more comfortable and soothing to spend the night.
Opher is a gracious host and welcomes each gust upon arrival with a plate of homemade Labaneh with zaatar.
Opher, who currently deals with youth at risk conducting survival expeditions, conceives his interaction with the guests and the advice he provides regarding local tours as an important part of his hospitality. In the hut, guests will find tour recommendation flyers including maps which they are welcome to take with them on their travels. Another flyer guests will find provides explanations regarding animals that may visit them, after all they are inside a forest: fallow-deer, dogs, cats (the owners’ or from the residential area), porcupines, wood mouse (Apodemus), wild-boar, mosquito slayer Eusparassus Walckenaeri spider, and of course birds such as Melre (blackbird), Titmouse, Bulbul, Sardinian Warbler and Robins.
Opher is also a story teller, and guests are welcome to reserve a story night for additional charge.

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