Nurit and Uri – Ceramics Studio

‘None of the works are made solely by one of us’, says Uri, a half of the whole that exceeds the sum of its parts, also known as ‘Nurit and Uri’. ‘All our works are handled by both of us’. The pottery and the sculpture works displayed at Nurit and Uri’s ceramics studio at Tefen Industrial Park incorporate feeling with thought, humor and plenty of esthetics. Many of the pieces are decorated with drawings of wild flowers. Uri: ‘the ceramics display incorporates sculptures and useful pieces; Art with Craft. We both sculpture and we both draw. Nurit masters the potter’s wheel better but on the whole, we both do everything. Our useful pieces are made of quality ceramic materials, burnt at high temperatures, so that they are oven, microwave and dishwasher proof, and contain no Lead or Cadmium.’

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Uri is the chemist here; he is in charge of glazing and burning. He is also the Alchemist’, smiles Nurit. ‘We prepare pieces made to order as well: a special vessel, a certain drawing, an inscription on a piece of art and any other request.’
Nurit and Uri have been working together, creating and teaching in this studio for the past 25 years: ‘Steff Wertheimer accepted us to the Industrial Park because we wished to merge art with industry. The acceptance committee included Amos Keinan.’
When they met, Uri studied Biochemistry at the Hebrew University and Nurit studied at Bezalel. When they moved up north (to Abirim and later on to Kfar Vradim) Uri still worked in his field of studies, but at some point decided to leave teaching and research and focus on pottery. He registered for studies at Tel-Hi and the rest is history.
Nurit and Uri’s exhibition is open during the same hours as the museum and galleries at the Industrial Park. Regular classes held on site do not bother exhibition visitors; Quite the contrary.
We held back for the longest time before we asked the young couple how they could work together all day every day – all these years. ‘Even if we had all the money in the world we would still come to the studio every morning. When we are not together a hand is missing’ they each say in their own way.