On the ascent to Maalot in the heart of the green woodland you will find a temple to decadent chocolate and desserts.

    פטיסייר - אוצרות הגליל
    פטיסייר - אוצרות הגליל

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A blackboard on which is written in chalk: The diet starts tomorrow! This is the motto of this amazing place that serves desserts prepared in house. Chocolate rules the roost and it is found in almost every dessert, in crepes, on the mountains of pancakes, Belgian waffles, and éclairs, macaroons and ice cream filled croissants. Alongside of all these are decadent cakes with sky high calories. The guests are invited to transgress, to lick their fingers and start their diet tomorrow!

Alongside the desserts menu that are served to the table in generous and over exaggerated portions, you will also find here a dairy menu offering types of salads, fish, pasta, fresh bread and focaccia, which are baked in house in a stone oven.

The place is spacious and seating is outside under the trees around low tables and padded benches, or around the bar on which the desserts and ice creams are prepared and presented in front of the guests. You may also sit on the hammocks in the gallery overlooking the bar, and for those looking for a more solid seating option you will surely find it within the café.

The place is suitable for the religious community who are looking for kosher food and the secular community, the local community and the vacationers, all of whom come to taste the sweet sweetness.