Kukushka Premium Snack bar

The Turkish Bazar is an exotic street from the Ottoman period, inaugurated recently in the market of Acre. Adjacent to the cheese stand, the café, the cloths, arts and Judaica stores, Gil and Shira Roditti, a young couple from the Nes Amin community, opened a charming little place that combines a tapas bar with quality street food. The place is small and offers only 14 seats around the bar, and 3 additional tall tables outdoors.

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What started as a ruin, turned in the hands of Gil and Shira into a sweet place: walls covered with Spanish ceramic tiles, tiny lamps with red lampshades and an open kitchen where Gili cooks food in front of the diners. The menu served here was inspired by small Mediterranean places, Amsterdam and a little bit of Tel-Aviv.

Kukushka is very different from Acre’s other restaurants both in style and in menu. The place communicates a combination of old and new. It is young, authentic and refreshing, and attracts the eyes of passersby. The servings are not too big, familiar, simple and well-liked and have Gili’s special touch. Diners can find here Turkish or German style sausages as well as chorizos, hamburger, skewered shrimps and fried calamari and even a children’s menu offering what kids like best, hotdogs and French fries.

The menu also offers light beverages and Malka beer, the pride of the Western Galilee, a manifestation of local patriotism.

For people touring Acre who do not wish to spend a substantial amount of money or ‘waste’ valuable time sitting in a restaurant, and would rather eat something light on-the-way, in a young and vibrant place where diversified music from all over the world and in all styles (Turkish, Indian, electronic, Israeli and Arab) is played all day long, Kukushka is it.

The Cuckoo Clock standing in the place, an inheritance from Gili’s grandfather, sounding its’ Cuckoo every half hour, is called in Russian Kukushka, after the Cuckoo bird, and is the origin of the name of this snack bar.