Seor (Leaven Bread) Bakery

In an old building previously used as Kibbutz Beit Ha’emek’s common showers, Efrat Katz opened a small charming bakery. Several tables and chairs are set adjacent to the bakery where visitors may sit down and enjoy a good cup of coffee from the coffee machine or freshly squeezed orange juice, and eat pastries baked with plenty of love at the bakery.

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Efrat worked for years as a chef in the Patisserie pastry shop café in Tel-Aviv and in the Ode’on Restaurant in Herzliah, until she decided to return home to the Western Galilee and focus on what she loves best – baking bread.

After a long search, she decided to establish the bakery in a historic structure in Kibbutz Beit-Ha’emek. The building selected was previously used as the Kibbutz’s common showers. The structure was built of wood and tin and was unstable. Efrat plastered, renovated, repaired, changed power lines and installation pipes, built internal partitions, took care of the rickety roof, painted and whitewashed the place, and in April the bakery opened its doors.

Efrat bakes leaven breads, awesome beet and carrot [bread] flutes colored by the vegetables they consist of, cakes, tarts and vegan cookies.

The bakery space is divided into two sections; one comprises the bakery, the baking surfaces and the oven, while the other comprises the little, intimate coffee shop, whose walls are decorated with historic pictures from the Kibbutz’s first days.

The surrounding shelves offer for sale Western Galilee products such as honey, bottles of beer from a local brewery, homemade wine produced at Beit Ha’emek, Galilean Jams, spreads and pottery items.

The shelves also display the bakery’s products – leaven bread made from rye, whole-wheat, grains and seeds; olive bread, flutes, cookies, granola and crackers.

The bakery is registered at Vegan Friendly, an institute awarding a stamp of approval to vegan places; but don’t let the word vegan deter you, because, according to Efrat, even though all baked goods, mainly the breads, are very healthy, they are all delicious.

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