Ga’aton Juices and Ales

“Before you taste, it is important that you know – this is not liquor. It is Ale!” says veteran Kibbutz member Gideon and closely watches to see whether I enjoy the Passion Fruit Ale I have in my hand. Earlier, I made my way to the display room at Shikuyei Ga’aton, a small structure surrounded by creepers, in which Gideon has been manufacturing his ale for the past ten years.

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המקום פתוח הכל ימות השבוע, בתיאום מראש

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Gideon bottles 7,000 bottles a year. He fills these bottles with ale made from exotic fruit grown in the orchards of Kibbutz Ga’aton and the neighboring communities; including fruit such as: passion fruit, Kiwi, lychee, pomegranates, dates, almonds and cherries.
The fruit are all crushed inside Gideon’s containers, where they ferment and, at the end of the process, are poured into bottles of various sizes and patterns and offered for sale.
This is probably one of the places most favored by tourist groups. Here they can taste exotic ail beverages, as well as apple honey ale, citrus honey ale and other ale mixes. Inside the main hall chairs are arranged and Gideon is experienced in lecturing about the nature of his work, and providing a guided tour. It is recommended to coordinate your visit in advance, so that you can receive an explanation about the production process, get a chance to taste some products and participate in workshops. Gideon will be glad to tell you the history of the Kibbutz and provide an explanation about landscapes and beautiful corners the Western Galilee has to offer.

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