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Galilee Treasures was is established in 2013. It’s amply to nonprofit venture, headed by the businesswoman, philanthropist and social entrepreneur, Mrs. Raya Strauss Ben Dror. The project that includes hundreds of tourist businesses in the Western Galilee, was initiated for the purpose of encouraging and increasing tourism flow to the Western Galilee. Galilee Treasures is part of the “The Spirit of Galilee” initiative also established by Mrs.Strauss Bendror. Its purpose is to generate an economic and social leap in the Western Galilee by improving the quality of life of its residents on the basis of its unique assets. The western Galilee is a unique and multi-cultural region that stretches between mountains and sea, where different ethnic groups live in peace and mutual respect. This creates an exceptional and enriching experience. Galilee Treasures has selected the best tourism businesses in the Western Galilee, and it offers a variety of holiday options ranging from a one day excursion to days’ long vacation. From the very beginning the project’s staff assisted hundreds of tourism businesses associates and thousands of organized groups from Israel and the world to explore with the Western Galilee and to visit it for holidays, fun and traveling, and managed to raise the number of visitors and travelers in about 50% significantly. Tourist agencies, Heads of welfare and human-resource departments, and tour guides are encouraged to get assistance from the Galilee Treasures’ team so they can connect to the Western Galilee tourism businesses. All of the tourism businesses, members of the project, were meticulously picked, after being tested to c the high standards of Galilee Treasures, in order to provide the perfect hospitality experience. A Galilee Treasures’ professional team checks each of the businesses applying to the project. After they are being checked and found fit, a team of writers and photographers document the business in order to provide reliable, first-source information

For constructing the best vacation in the Western Galilee please contact us at
Office : 077-9964400
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address : kibbutz lohamei hagetaot.

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Treasures of the Galilee Team