Omanya Center – Leather Art

At the entrance to Kibbutz Affek, next to a Eucalyptus grove stands a relatively small building with an inviting yard scattered with tables and chairs. The doorway to the building is covered with leather squares in various colors, hinting to the nature of the place. It is a place dedicated to leather. One of these genuine, stimulating places; where each family member can become an artist, if only for a short while, and create a wide variety of products in leather.

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Eldad, a Kibbutz Affek member, created here a magical site. An abundance of lovely bags, sandals, pieces of jewelry and leather items are hanging from the studio walls. Visitors can purchase these items or make their own here, in this pleasant workshop offering plenty of work stations, tools and machines designed to help participants make exactly the items they wish to create.

For this purpose, studio Omanya has a professional crew ready to assist participants on site, and arrive anywhere in the country with its mobile workshop laden with tools, in order to hold these unique workshops outside the Kibbutz as well. The instructor who met us, helped us design, within a short time, our own leather covered personal mirror, leather bracelets hammered with our names and some pattern as well as a small purse. Next we painted, finished and waxed the products. We were so proud of our creations, that we purchased a few leather art kits for friends celebrating a birthday.

At Omanya visitors can spend a different, original, unusual vacation morning. It is also a place where people can come with a group of friends or family to create together in a pleasant atmosphere and add another experience to the group photo album. Birthday celebrations, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs can be coordinated here and workshops at visitors’ homes can also be ordered.

Omanya offers a variety of workshops, suitable for all ages – from a 90 minute hammering workshop for the production of leather items, such as: bracelets, key-chains, medallions or purses, to professional leather work courses (spanning several meetings). In these courses, participants learn how to produce bags, belts, sandals and more – limited only by imagination and creativity.

Participants may also order a meal for an additional fee.Workshop 1 – Leather Art – between 90 minutes to 4 hours long – depending on the subject.

Suitable for ages 3 and above. Simultaneous instruction can be provided for up to 80 people.

The workshop can be conducted on site or at customers’ homes.

Sun– Thurs. 8Am – 5PM, Fri. and holiday eves 9Am – 3PM, special events (Bar Mitzvah, birthday and more) with advance coordination.

Workshop 2 – Iron crafting. From age 12 and older. Up to 6 people in a workshop. With advance coordination.

The premises include a beautiful shop where leather works are displayed for sale.