Osnata – Boutique Suites

Osnata’s two elegant suites are located on the second floor of the hosts’ home, but enjoy a separate entrance and privacy.

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Contact and address

Phone for reservations
Kfar Vradim

Contacting host

The stairs leading to them are wreathed with geraniums blooming in hues of intense pink, as if giving guests a colorful welcome.
Each one of the adjoining suites has an accessorized kitchenette, a sleeping area comprising a wide iron bed covered with white linen.
The bathroom is spacious and has transparent doors, though a curtain can be drawn when privacy is required. Guests will find here bath accessories, robes and slippers.
The large square Jacuzzi is positioned under huge windows facing the roof balcony in one suite and the garden in the other.
The television may be adjusted towards the bed or the Jacuzzi and is attached to a Home Theater System.
The two suites are almost completely identical, except for the fact that only one of them has a roof balcony.
Osnat Tal, an ex-real-estate saleswoman, who currently devotes her entire time to running the suites, gives her guests a warm reception that includes: her own homemade desserts, chocolates, assorted sweets, a bottle of wine, fruit and a coffee and tea set.
Osnat’s internal design training is evident in the suites’ elegant design, esthetics and immaculate hygiene.
The roof balcony is constructed of wood and artificial grass and features a sunshade, a wood bench and table, garden furniture and a small Formica table as well as an outdoor grill corner.
Breakfast can be ordered and delivered to the suite for additional fee, or obtained at the adjacent Ma’arag café.
The suites are designed for couples or a family if both suites are taken.
The suites are especially suitable for two couples of friends that wish to spend a vacation together, and in such cases the roof balcony can be shared.
The compound is suitable for observant Jews. The suites are suitable for special events such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries.
Osnat vouches for herself that she is a “wiz” in decorating the suite and giving her guests special treatment on behalf of their event.
The place also offers a vacation package that includes a couple’s massage, breakfast, wine, desserts and light beverages.