Maskit Estate

The iron-gate slowly opened as our car slid in. We found ourselves inside an olive grove that turned into a parking lot at the end of which stood a reddish building. A paved pathway led us through a neatly-groomed garden to a lobby with a huge window overlooking a sky-blue swimming pool. A few lounge chairs; ornamental trees rising from the green lawn alongside plenty of green bushes and bird song. What else could one ask for?!

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The peaceful, leisurely atmosphere, an awareness that vacation time is here became ever so evident all at once. We sipped red wine at the lobby and the charming estate manager led us through winding pathways, amidst blooming trees, accompanied by the curious gaze of a few thoroughbred horses standing inside their stalls, through bushy green tunnels, to one of the estate’s villas. Two bicycles waited by the doorway for our use.
Later on we will most likely use them.
Inside the raised-ceiling suite, a sunken hot-tub, a double bed, sofas and an elevated deck kitchenette, were neatly arranged according to design. Choosing classical music was self-evident and its sounds flowed from the audio system and out into our private patch of lawn. A curtain fluttered in the wind revealing a shaded pergola with a sitting corner and a wall of flora providing us with the desired privacy.
This is the Maskit Estate; Classic, projecting reticent elegance and prestige. Not attempting to lure, as if aware of its’ own worth. Those who come here grasp the scene; take in the open-spaces, the tranquility and the pampering offered by staying here. They will no-doubt reach the pavilion containing the round, warm Spa pool, stop by the swimming pool merging into the lawn, enticing visitors to dive in; and probably eat the chef prepared dinner served at the pool side; watch a movie on the wide screen, as did the group of men staying there the night we visited; or come back for a day of pampering with their work buddies.
Avi Maskit, his wife and daughters reside at the far end of the estate. His presence is felt everywhere. He will make any dream you may have come true, though most likely all your dreams will have already been fulfilled once you have arrived.

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