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“Aya’ is the bridge between the past and the future and a kind of an oil-press for natural cosmetics”, says Jamal Hamoud of Beit Jan, the owner of the ‘Aya Natural’ natural cosmetics company. “Traditional and academic knowledge intertwined”.

Jamal served in the medical corps for 25 years. In 2004 he teamed-up with a childhood friend from his village and together they founded the company. In 2009 their ways parted.

In the air-conditioned visitors center of ‘Aya Natural’ guests are welcome to sit, drink sweet-smelling tea brewed of freshly picked herbs and enjoy a display of the company’s products available for testing and purchasing. In addition, visitors can listen to a review of Aya’s ‘credo’ and watch an instructive film. Jamal: “We have a designated beauty product for each part of the body, from olive oil soap to derma-cosmetic products”.

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Aya’s distinction is in its cold process production method and in the quality of the oils used. Tradition and parallel commercial industry customarily use olive oil that is no longer suitable for eating, while all Aya products are made only with choice virgin olive oil. No compromise.

Jamal manages Aya Natural according to three main motifs, social: “love of the Galilee and a belief in the Galilee community”, ecological: “protecting nature and the triad balance of humans, animals and plants” and Aya’s perpetual moto of, a simplified health motif: “what we are not allowed to eat, we shouldn’t be allowed to spread on our skin”.

The advantages of the green Galilean company have already been discovered by Japanese consumers, however, the most exotic and surprising contact Aya made is actually with a Native American tribe supporting Israel, whose rate of orders is gradually increasing.

For those who wonder about the meaning of the name Aya, Jamal has a few answers – some provided by visitors over the years: “in Hebrew: initials meaning the beautiful land of Israel or God Willing, in Japanese: the name of a pretty bird, in Arabic: an empowering word – and above all – it is my daughter’s name.”
Wish to say in Arabic ‘ultimate beauty’? Say Ayat al Jamal.