The Peki’in Youth Hostel

The Peki’in youth hostel is located at the top of a high hill is an ideal starting point for tours.

The well-kept youth hostel is suitable for hikers, families, couples or individuals looking for a nice, clean place to rest their heads at the end of a long day of excursion.

The hostel offers 50 rooms of different types: rooms designed for up to 5 people, family rooms and rooms for couples. Each room is equipped with shower and bathroom, air-conditioning, satellite TV, refrigerator, coffee and tea set and an electric kettle.

  • The Peki'in Youth Hostel 1
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  • The Peki'in Youth Hostel 2
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  • The Peki'in Youth Hostel 3
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  • The Peki'in Youth Hostel 4
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  • The Peki'in Youth Hostel 5
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  • The Peki'in Youth Hostel 6
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  • The Peki'in Youth Hostel 7
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  • The Peki'in Youth Hostel 8
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  • The Peki'in Youth Hostel 9
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אThe hostel also offers a lobby, two internal yards and a panoramic view balcony.

Guests will enjoy personal contact with the staff, who are always happy to recommend local tour routes and attractions; they are welcome to view the interactive presentation teaching about the beautiful village of Peki’in and the human fabric of its inhabitants, made up mainly of Druze, with a Christian and a Jewish minority, free of charge. At the end of the 22 minute presentation, guests are invited to participate in a trivia game and an interactive quiz.

Accommodations include Israeli breakfast.

Rustic Druze style lunch or dinner may be ordered at additional pay.