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We do not know what kind of image you have of youth hostels in Israel, or when you spent a vacation in one of them, however, we are sure that, visiting the youth hostel at Shelomi will leave you surprised as well.

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Shelomi’s Guest House was built in the Shlomit neighborhood located on the slopes of the forested Mountain, as far north as possible, a bowshot away from Rosh Hanikrah. An impressive redbrick significant building, comprising a number of wings and shaped like an open triangle; the building belongs to the Youth Hostels Association in Israel and is a true Galilean gem.
The resort comprises 100 high-standard rooms. These are air-conditioned, have adjacent showers and toilets, a satellite television and a mini bar. Most of the rooms face a landscape of the groves and the mountain and combined with the conference halls, the large dining room, the synagogue and the soccer and basketball courts, it is no wonder that the place is not frequented only by groups of youth and schools, but also by families, for whom spending the vacation in a guest house in Shlomi is a clever and logical decision.
The guest house offers rooms accessible to the disabled, Internet services – an internet station and internet cards, as well as state of the art audio-visual equipment at additional fee. Like other youth hostels, the one at Shlomi specializes in topics of geography, culture and history of the surrounding area. The place holds seminars and conventions, and features its own special program – “Meet the state of Israel” – using a model of Israel accompanied by audio guides supplied on location.

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