Erez Komarovsky’s Galilean cooking school

At the edge of Mitzpe Matat there is a place that differs – where one can stand still and smell gourmet in the air.

The natural stone steps leading to Chef Erez Komarovsky’s house take the visitor down to a better place. The surrounding nurtured herbal garden-beds, the sounds of hidden bubbling water, the cool pleasant sensation and the shade of oak trees accompany visitors to the widely opened door. A few minutes later, standing on the back porch, visitors will feel as if, just for a moment, they were pocking their head out of a cloud (not one encountered on airplanes, but rather a real fairy tale one) looking down. The view is to die for.

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    בית ספר לבישול גלילי – ארז קומורובסקי - אוצרות הגליל
  • Erez Komarovsky's Galilean cooking school 5
    בית ספר לבישול גלילי – ארז קומורובסקי
  • Erez Komarovsky's Galilean cooking school 6
    בית ספר לבישול גלילי – ארז קומורובסקי - אוצרות הגליל
  • Erez Komarovsky's Galilean cooking school 7
    בית ספר לבישול גלילי – ארז קומורובסקי - אוצרות הגליל

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Komarovsky stormed into our lives with the ‘Lehem Erez’ chain of bakeries and his mythical catering company; and has since accompanied us via televised cooking shows, innovative books in the field – and his cooking workshops. When we entered his home, we found a kitchen bustling with activity, moments before another workshop began; a few young cooks from the vicinity help Erez and fuss about preparations with awesome reverence – thankful in their hearts for the opportunity to work next to the Guru himself.

Komarovsky: “I arrived in the North seven years ago, and for the past four years have been conducting my cooking workshops. This place is a real joy; a different life. Aside from cooking, there is a life-style atmosphere around here: guests arrive, tour the organic garden, eat antipasti and bread and drink wine. In fact we drink wine throughout the workshop. We start at the living room and later on go down”.

Erez’s workshops are frontal: the main space includes a heavy long table meticulously set, a stage at its head, accessorized with a stove and a working surface.

“We have a few types of baking workshops”, Erez specifies. “In addition we have a cheese making workshop, a winter workshop for soups and stews, a meat workshop, a chef’s workshop for Foodies and a fish and seafood workshop that begins at the Acre market and continues here, where I cook what we bring.
“People who come from the city associate with the idea of seasonal cooking. Now it’s the season of olive oil, before it was apples, pears, pomegranates. Vegetables are also grown here. It is a pleasure. I present Israeli-Galilee style cooking and try to define it at eye level”.
On Komarovsky’s workshops website, you can find nearly 600 different recipes at any given moment, but as of this very moment we are engaged in our envy of people we have never met: the participants of the upcoming workshop.

Workshops of 4-4.5 hours are available for groups of 15-20 people with advance coordination or as advertised on the website.

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