Buza Ice Cream- The Visitors’ Center

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Kibbutz Sasa, which is located on the border of the Western Galilee and the Upper Galilee, overlooks the breathtaking landscapes of the Lebanon and Galilee Mountains.
There, at the place where he was born, chose Adam Ziv, together with his partner Alaa Swetat, born in Tarshiha, to establish a Factory and a Visitors’ Center for their famous buza ice , when their first ice cream branch is located in Tarshiha.

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Activity times

11:00 - 18:00
Fridays and holiday eves
11:00 - 17:00
11:00 - 18:00

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The beautiful Visitors’ Center is located at the outskirts of the Kibbutz and at its heart resides an ice cream parlor exhibiting the best products manufactured in the small Factory situated behind the glass walls, thus enabling the visitors to observe the production processes of diverse and varied types of ice cream, which include among others: sugar-free ice cream, sorbet ice cream and cream ice cream.
Within the Visitors’ Center large space stands a large wooden table and on it seasonal fruit from which sorbet ice creams are prepared. Not far away, numerous tables and chairs are scattered when a large TV screen positioned on the wall displays an informational film regarding the ice cream’s production process.
Furthermore, the Visitors’ Center comprises a store for selling ice cream accessories such as ice cream spoons, ice cream machines, ingredients for the preparation of ice cream as well as recipe books and brochures.
In addition to the ice cream parlor, where ice cream can be bought and eaten on-site or taken away, ice cream preparation workshops for children and for the entire family are also held at the Visitors’ Center:
Young Scientists Workshop –intended for ages 6 to 12. In this workshop the children learn three methods for preparing ice cream through a trivia game, such that at the end of the entire process, the child chooses the ice cream he wants to prepare. During the workshop, the children eat lots and lots of ice cream. The Young Scientists Workshop (for ages 6-12) is held throughout the entire year on Saturday mornings at 10:30. The workshop was written with the assistance of the Educational Advisor Rinat Cohen
Preferably by pre-registration or subject to availability.
price: 50 shekel per child.
A Buza Family Tour – (a multi-age tour), (held during holidays and vacations). The tour begins by screening a cartoon depicting the ice cream’s history and the ice cream’s preparation method in the Buza Factory.
Afterwards, the participants put on aprons and hats and enter through the glass doors into the Factory, there they receive explanations regarding the production process and demonstrations of three different methods of ice cream preparation. At the end of the tour, the participants, parents and children, taste freshly made ice cream that emerges straight out of the machine.
The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes; the tour’s price is 30 NIS per person.
The place also offers tasting tours for organized groups throughout the year – requires coordination in advance.
The Buza Ice Cream Factory is Kosher and possesses a kashrut certificateof the Upper Galilee Rabbinate.
The ice cream parlor is open daily including Saturdays between 11:00- 18:00.
Fridays and Holiday eves between 10:30-17:00.

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