“For many years I’ve looked for the perfect Ice-cream”, reminisces Adam, one of the two entrepreneurs of ‘Bouza’ – Galilee made Ice-cream. “I worked in many ice-cream parlors around the world. At some point I realized that I want to start a business of my own in the Galilee. I knew it was going to be in an Arab village, because of the villages’ vibrant street life”.

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Bouza dominates the main intersection at the entrance to Tarshiha’s marketplace and has integrated nicely in the cultural and culinary development wave the city has been undergoing in the past few years. A significant part of this success is due to Aluma, the renowned chef restaurant where Ala, Adam’s partner, grew and developed until he became a co-owner. His life is now managed between Bouza and the gourmet restaurant located at the end of the same street.
The ice-cream parlor is designed in clean lines and nostalgic-contemporary style, as is the fine looking logo and the ice cream itself. The large window to the ice-cream preparation room will attract children almost as much as the Bouza Cream & Candy flavor. Details are available on site.
The creamy ice-cream, sorbets and icicles at Bouza are a proof that the hard work paid off: the flavors and textures, justify the mounds of praise heaped on this place.
Alongside classic flavors, Bouza has its own unique flavors that change like the seasons of the year. Adam: “All of a sudden one can find in the adjacent market pomegranates, nice figs or guavas, and that changes our mindset. The same is true for lemon verbena from our own garden or Pink Lady apples from the orchards of Saasa – the Kibbutz where I originally come from”. Ala: “Raw materials that cannot be obtained in Israel we pick carefully and bring to the country ourselves.”

When we inquired about their winter menu, we also found homemade Belgium Waffles, crepes, hot chocolate, hot Salep, tea, coffee, cookies and pastries – however according to Ala its important to emphasize that: “In Europe there is no difference between winter and summer ice-cream sales. In Israel Ice-cream is still associated with summer, but this perception is gradually changing.”
There is something tempting in ice-cream that you don’t have to rush and finish before it melts. It’s a little bit like freezing time, isn’t it?