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The Yehi’am Fortress is located on the grounds of Kibbutz Yehi’am. The Kibbutz’s first settlers, who established the place in 1946, lived in the ruins of the fortress.

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During Israel’s war of independence, the fort’s great walls protected them when they were under siege; defenders’ posts were reconstructed and can currently be toured.

The exact period in which the fortress was built is unknown. Presumably it initially belonged to the estate of Meiliia’s “King’s Fortress”. Later on it was sold the Teutonic Order who acquired the estate together with the adjacent Montfort Castle.

The Mameluke Sultan Baibars conquered the fortress and destroyed it in 1265.

Most of the structures visible today are from the period of Dahr el-Omar, a Bedouin Sheikh who took control of the Galilee during the 60’s of the 18th century. Dahr el-Omar built new walls, raised towers and dug a moat around the fortress. During that period the place was called Jidin.

The visit to the national park of Yehi’am outlines the battle of the people of Yehi’am during the war of independence.

From the top of the fortress visitors can view the beautiful landscapes of the Western Galilee. From time to time art performances are held at the fortress.