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Daniel Robinson, previously an employee of the Israel Institute of Technology, Graduate of the Ministry of Tourism Licensed Tour Guide course, holding a bachelor degree in Israel Studies, had been touring Israel with groups for the past 25 years, out of love for the profession and for the country.

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    דניאל רובינזון טיולים - נהריה
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    דניאל רובינזון טיולים - נהריה
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    דניאל רובינזון טיולים - נהריה
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    דניאל רובינזון טיולים - נהריה
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    דניאל רובינזון טיולים - נהריה

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Nahariya born Daniel, a son of city founders, specializes particularly in tours for senior citizens and workers’ committees.
His famous patience, his love of the land and the optimism that became his second name, characterize his touring style.
Daniel says that senior citizens are not satisfied with knowledge alone but also demand sympathy, and that he has plenty of.
He plans his tours in cooperation with the tourists and according to their requirements, referencing a variety of topics: archeology, heritage, in the footsteps of warriors and history.
Easy hikes in nature may be incorporated in the tours, accompanied by Daniel’s fascinating botanical and zoological explanations.

Daniel also specializes in finding unknown corners in the Western Galilee in general and in Old Acre in particular.
He also specializes in tours following Acre’s Jewish route, beginning at the Ramhal synagogue and the Tunisian Synagogue “Esh Ha’Torah”.
The tours are carried out in busses; however, tours in private vehicles are also available.
Tours span: from two hours to a whole day.

One of his favorite and less known sites that Daniel leads his tourists to is the El-Mona Gardens in the village of Julis – “It is a calling card for an introduction to the Druze community” he says, and discloses that the El-Mona Gardens is a private estate surrounded by a blooming garden, owned by Naji Abbas’s family.
Members of the family welcome the visitors; tell them their family story and their life’s journey.

Another site that Daniel takes his tourists to, is the Nahariya seashore, where an environmental sculpture, made by the sculptor Hemi Gal, stands in commemoration of the illegal immigration to Israel (during the British mandate).
The sculpture stands on the Nahariya pier, in the fleet area, where Daniel tells them exciting illegal immigration stories from the period when young Nahariyans took part in helping illegal immigrants off the boats and onto dry land.