Hadarale – French Bistro

Encircled by mountains, the little valley east of Shlomi, the lake and the boats rowing in the middle, are a delightful sight for all passersby. People who wish to combine this experience with a culinary one are invited to enter the Hadarale restaurant, built adjacent to the ice-skating rink, overlooking the Montfort Lake in Ma’alot.

  • Hadarale - French Bistro 1
    הדרל'ה – ביסטרו צרפתי
  • Hadarale - French Bistro 2
    הדרל'ה – ביסטרו צרפתי
  • Hadarale - French Bistro 3
    הדרל'ה – ביסטרו צרפתי
  • Hadarale - French Bistro 4
  • Hadarale - French Bistro 5
  • Hadarale - French Bistro 6

Activity times

12:00-16:00, On Sundays: 19:00-22:00
Fridays and holiday eves
12:00 - 23:00
12:00 - 22:00

Contact and address

Phone for reservations
Maalot, אגם המונפורט

Contacting host

Inside the restaurant guests are welcome to choose one of the tables overlooking the scenery viewed from the western side; then concentrate on a menu offering quite a few options, assuring a variety of flavors at affordable prices.
In addition to the regular menu, the restaurant has a special sharing menu for couples, offering a complete pampering meal that includes light beverages, 4 first course dishes, guests’ choice of a main course and desert.
The restaurant’s chef, Sivan Amsalem, offers quality meats aged according to French methods and meticulously treated. We loved the variety of first course dishes that stirred flavors with an authentic feel in our mouths and made us want more. The Grilled Eggplant in Asian Marinade and the Carpaccio were a delight to the pallet, and are particularly worth mentioning. Another possible culinary route is the ‘Sharing’ menu, offering a combination of meat dishes and a variety of sea and pool grown fish, as per the market supply.
One of the best surprises that awaited us in the place was the encounter with Hadarale the person the restaurant is named after. This gifted young woman, together with her chef husband, opened the place in 2005. Since then the restaurant has been continuously open, hosting locals as well as vacationing crowds; traveling Israelis and tourists who make it a point to frequent this place anytime they can.