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The Western Galilee constitutes a source of inspiration for painters, sculptors and other artists. Apparently an especially large number of ceramic artists are concentrated in the area of Kfar Veradim, Mitzpe Hilah and Ma’alot. One of these artists is Mickey Eshel. The combination of strength and simplicity which she experiences in the surrounding landscapes speaks to her and influence her. Thus, through her fingers, she bestows her creative interpretation to goats grazing on the mountain slopes, birds nesting in the pine forests, wild spaces and people living among it all.

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One should see her gallery of goat shaped vase sculptures. These works of art are sculptured in clay and executed through a combination of subtraction, potter’s wheel and goat shape sculpting. Each work results in the image of the Galilean goat, and thus the originality of the artist can be better understood.
Michal finished the course of her studies in the major of Sculpture at the University of New Orleans and studied pottery in Israel. During the past few years she regularly participated in group exhibitions and in the “Touching the Clay” fair held at Kefar Veradim. Michal’s works of art vary from particularly large jugs to miniature porcelain figurines.
In her collection of porcelain dames, Michal expresses her perception of women’s image and role in modern life; albeit the figurines represent classic looking, submissive, soft, rounded women.

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