Hasi Faiber studio

A small group of women stands by the steaming pots. On the large table before them there are flowers, dry leaves, tree barks and other materials and items collected in nature. Like the fire burning under the pots, their eyes are alight with the flames of creativity. How thrilling it is to color a faded shirt a new, create stamps from natural items and imprint them on fabrics that will later on become your very own creations. A personal gift for yourself or for someone you love.

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The joy experienced by visitors of Hasi Studio consists of a number of stages. First there is a visit to Hasi’s agricultural farm at Bustan Hagalil, where she and her husband live, both of them of the most creative and positive individuals we have ever met in the Galilee. Next, one cannot enter the studio located in the big well-lit, colorful wooden structure full of fabrics, tables and tools, without first getting an impression of the nearby state-of-the-art robotic cowshed. Hasi will most likely take visitors now on a tour of the avocado grove, where two pampering wooden cabins of the first generation of Galilee guest rooms are hidden; there visitors will pick some materials for the workshop. Visitors can choose to come for an explanation only, regarding the patch work, background and work styles from traditional to modern times.

At Hasi’s Studio, open for visits every first Saturday of the month before noon or, with advance coordination, in the middle of the week as well, Hasi employs traditional and modern techniques in creating Tapestries, patchwork quilts, unique cushions, pouches and wallets as well as dyes and prints on cotton, flax and silk fabrics. Visitors may experiment in dyeing fabric and making quilts (patchwork and blankets) in small groups while individually accompanied by Hasi, who is a great artist.
Hasi’s workshops are suitable for people of the textile industry who wish to complete their studies in fabric dyeing in the TIE DYE technique, as well as for people wishing to experience a few hours of joyful creation.