Al-Abed Abu Hamid’s Hummus

At the lighthouse’s square, overlooking the open sea and the remains of the ancient port of Acre (Akko), resides an excellent hummus restaurant which is run by a woman, Arin Abu-Hamid Kurdi is an educated woman who studied criminology, sociologyand groups’ guidance through art, and has worked for many years in promoting youngsters.

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08:30 - 16:00 Close on Monday.
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08:30 - 16:00
08:30 - 16:00

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Arin decided to return to her roots and establisheda hummus restaurant near the coastline, at the same place where her late father’s restaurant was situated.
It is a pleasure to sit on the terrace with the sea breeze and order several types of hummus from the menu: hummus with almonds, hummus with tehina, with mushrooms, with chicken liver or veal meat, hummus with chicken breast, or thiridiwhich is comprised of pieces of toasted pita bread topped by hummus chickpeas, yogurt with garlic, butter and almonds. The menu is opulent and varied and Arin calls it homemade Acre, that is, you won’t be able to find most of the foods she serves in other hummus restaurants since these are the foods that are eaten by Acre’s residents at home.
In addition to the hummus, it is recommended to order an Acre breakfast at Arin’s restaurant, such as the Al-Abed mufarakeh which is a salad of boiled eggs, olive oil, onion slices or parsley, or thiridi which comprises tears of pita bread dipped in yogurt, hummus chickpeas, garlic, warm samna (butter) and almonds, babaganoush tehina and omelets fried in olive oil with cheese or potatoes or mushrooms or cauliflower or meat, served with some hummus and fries.
The menu also includes the meal of the day, and it varies, such as bamiah (okra), moussaka, makloubeh, beans, kebab and tehina siniyeh…and you can also order saidye, stuffed chicken as well as calamari and shrimps.
Arin’s hummus is very different from the regular hummus eaten in hummus restaurants, this is homemade hummus that contains almost no tehina.
It is apparent that a feminine hand designed the place, with blue ceramic tiles on the inside, the tableware is also made of blue ceramic and on the ceiling, written in a delicate beautiful writing, are the 99 names of Allah.
The hummus restaurant resides in an old 19th-century structure and it is adjacent to the lighthouse. The guests sit inside on low benches and outside on chairs around tables. The breeze blows from the sea and Arin piles her handmade delicacies on the table.
Open every day except Mondays.
Phone: 050-6593985