The sight of the pastry shop, located in one of the farthest corners of the Manot community, delighted me. It was a summer’s day, and I – Oh, how I craved something sweet amidst all this nature; the mountains, the winding roads. First I was sure I was hallucinating. I have, you see, passed dozens of communities and never have I encountered a pastry shop so well-kept for no apparent reason in one of the settlement’s streets.

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But then I sat down inside the air-conditioned café adjacent to the pastry shop and ordered for myself an “old-times style” Savarin, such that I haven’t tasted in years. Surely, there were magnificent cakes there: poppy-seed apple pie, cheese cakes, not to say one “chocolate bomb” that looked very tempting with its impressive chocolate structure, pistachio cream, crème patisserie and Halva Shaar (Hair Halva). But I desired the moist sweetness of the Savarin, and boy did I get it.

Between the Café-au-Lait and the Savarin, Itzik, who co-manages the place with his father, told me how he moved here from Moshav Avdon near Manot. The pastry shop was established in 2007 and since then has become a center of attraction for local residents, for social meetings as well as for meetings of businessmen from the Galilee area. No doubt a café that serves excellent cakes in addition to coffee is a temptation that most guests arriving from the center of Israel and staying in accommodations in the Galilee, will find hard to resist.

The place also offers rich breakfasts that can be ordered at all hours.