ATVs in the Vradim (rose) Landscape

Naim Raba, the deputy principal of the Kfar Samiya High School, a former Border Force soldier and an IDF disabled veteran, belonged to a group of hikers led by his relative Hani Trodi, who fell in the line of duty. The group toured all over Israel however after Trodi’s death the tours ceased and Naim decided to found a venture in his memory: ATVs in the Vradim Landscape located in the heart of woodland close to the entrance to Kfar Vradim and overlooking the breathtaking view of the mountains of the Western Galilee and the Montfort Lake.

The Vradim Landscape ATVs offer challenging off-road driving on new RZR vehicles at various levels of difficulty on a variety of routes whereby each tour is accompanied by an experienced guide travelling in his own vehicle.

  • ATVs in the Vradim (rose) Landscape 1
    טרקטורוני נוף הורדים - אוצרות הגליל
  • ATVs in the Vradim (rose) Landscape 2
    טרקטורוני נוף הורדים - אוצרות הגליל

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The tours pass through the amazingly beautiful pastoral Galilean scenery, along rivers, woodlands and orchards and provide an extreme experience abundant with adrenaline during which we cross ponds, get covered in dust but this is all compensated by the glory and splendour of nature, the adrenaline, the breathtaking observation points, the nature reserves and the magical scenery.

During the tour we will stop for a coffee and explanations about the area and then we will continue on our way.

Naim, who is an experienced hiker, has recently discovered two places that he claims were unknown previously. The places are integrated within the route: Kfar Ha’vradim Cave which is a karstic cave on five levels at a depth of 50 meters. The descent to the first level is by foot and then ropes are used to descend to the rest of the levels.

Another discovery by Naim: a secret pool known only to him and to which he takes the hikers.

In the Vradim Landscape ATV complex you can equip yourself with water and during the olive harvest you can buy olive oil from Naim’s family’s olive groves.

Also in the complex: toilets, picnic tables, a large Bedouin tent for events and also for hospitality for the hikers.

The riders will be supplied with protective items and insurance.

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