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Trek-Yam seems to have always been a part of the Achziv shore-line. There is not a person who is not familiar with the distinctive building and the lawn of the impressive diving club.

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Danny Birenboim, Cabri resident and honorary president of the legendary institute for over 40 years, recounts: “We began as a diving club for dedicated enthusiast – specializing in diving in crevices, islands and the Achziv coast – and we developed. Currently, in addition to the diving club and courses, we offer 4X4 tours, Tornado boat rides, extreme activities such as rappelling and a ropes park in varying sites, as well as special events like a Druze style meal in the field or Real Argentinian asado. 
“After we started with the 4X4 trips, we became familiar with a special type of speed boat that was used to service off-shore drilling rigs in the North sea. These boats are unique in their ability to reach the shore with their bow, which is important because we do not have a port. We brought them from England and adapted them to carrying passengers – including certification. These are our Tornado boats.”
A group coming for activity at Trek-Yam doesn’t have to limit itself to one attraction. Danny: “Many times our work method is to divide a group into two groups; while one half goes on a 4X4 trip the other half goes on a Tornado boat ride –then they switch.” Disabled persons will be glad to know that all they have to do is get in the 4X4 vehicle or in the boat; many associations are already aware of these advantages and return to Trek-Yam time and again “.
Danny wishes to emphasize that all his employees – diving instructors, off-road vehicle and boat drivers, the rope park team, rappelling instructors and others – are all residents of the Western Galilee. “They are part of the landscape; they know every stone and live the place. Man is but an Imprint of his Native Landscape [poet Shaul Tchernicovsky]”, he adds artlessly.

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