Yona Meiri – Spiritual and Tour Guide

In a pleasant looking room, illuminated by candles, at the end of a large yard, Yona Meiri strums the cords of my body with her skillful hands. She presses, massages, stretches and releases, and I feel all her years of experience and all that magic coursing through her fingers into my body and even touching my soul.

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I approached Yona because I was looking for a holistic therapist with a soul; a therapist for whom the patient is not yet another body in need of a massage, but rather someone special, worthy of her smile and full attention. Yona – a senior masseuse, provides massages to pregnant women and babies as well, and treats muscle and joint inflammations.

“I am a spiritual guide reaching my patients’ souls through massages, hot stones and effleurage, but also through workshops and tours I conduct.” Visitors, who wish to get acquainted with the more covert corners of the Western Galilee during their vacation, should approach Yona. She will take them to natures mysteries, will connect them to legends and studies from Jewish books (Yona is not religious), and will make them smell, breath, observe and feel the water flow and the flow of nature around them with and without words.