Kishor Winery

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The Kishor Winery Visitors’ Center is one of the most beautiful visitors’ centers in Israel. Surrounded by large glass windows it overlooks the intoxicating scenery and the vineyards encompassing the village of Kishorit, a home for people with special needs, where the Winery dwells.

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At the heart of the visitors’ center stands a long wine bar adjacent to a large knights’ table where guests are invited to sit for the wine tasting.

The Winery – like the rest of the village, is a very exciting place. Chief winemaker and winery manager, South Africa born Richard Davis, a graduate of agriculture and economics as well as of winemaking studies at the Tel-Hai College, works here side by side with the village members engaged in the various jobs; some of them working at the vineyards, harvesting and pruning.

The visit in Kishorit and the Kishor winery is a unique and exceptional experience: the village pathways and houses are very aesthetic; members work in various business centers, such as: the goat shed and the dairy attached to it producing perfectly delicious organic cheeses; the bakery producing excellent breads; the organic garden where splendid organic vegetables are grown; the stables nurturing prize winning horses; the kennel growing thorough bread dogs, as well as the communications center producing promotional videos for different organizations throughout Israel.

The village is based on a Kibbutz model. Members live in small houses surrounded by gardens, some as romantic couples; they work in the various business centers, eat in a communal dining room and participate in different courses and social events.

The winery tour includes a visit to the village and is warmly recommended.

The visit in the winery’s Visitor’s Center begins with a film telling the story of the special, extraordinary place known as Kishorit and its members.

Next, guests are invited to a wine tasting that, coordinated in advance, can be combined with a light breakfast, including freshly baked breads, village produced cheeses and vegetables, all local organic products. Coffee can be obtained from the quality coffee machine.

During the grape harvest period, guests can follow the process of harvesting grapes grown in the village’s vineyards, followed by the wine-making process.

The young winery produces about seven types of wine, including red, white and Rose wines, all made from ten species of grapes grown in the vicinity of the village, and offered for purchase in stores around the country and in the winery itself.

Last summer the winery was awarded three medals during the 2014 Eshkol Hazahav Israeli wine competition for red blends.

The winery is Kosher.