Tableware and Roses

Dorit Zadok’s home shelves look like a Victorian museum of chinaware. Piles of cups and saucers, fine china plates adorned with red roses, a vase for washing hands – white with deep blue trimming – standing in a matching bowl. The flood of tableware and roses seems to have drowned not only the shelves in Dorit’s home but rather every other available space as well: the many tables, every room corner, along the stairs going in and out of the house; in other words, it can serve as a wonderful reference point for a couple trying to set a first romantic date.

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Dorit confesses that the establishment of a gallery and the creation of chinaware had been her dream for many years. “I always liked Victorian ‘Granny-ware’. I constantly inquired where one could learn how to make them, and finally I met someone who brought the proper technology from Eastern Europe, and I was quick to learn.” Since then she has been giving herself one big vocational training that resulted in countless porcelain sets. The studio and the special oven are located upstairs. Downstairs there is a small China museum, which is in fact the gallery. Amidst it all lives Dorit’s family, who is already accustomed to living in a china store. Only the elephant, the self-evident pet, couldn’t be found… however, we found women’s figurines, sculptured peppers, roosters, tanning frogs, turtles, lizards, birds and other animals.

Dorit, who creates not only china and porcelain ware, but also decorative items in textile, wood and ceramics, offers her works for sale at affordable prices. “Here you will not have to pay the astronomic prices required of people all over the world for Victorian tableware”, she explains; still the production process is complex and long, and therefore Dorit works simultaneously on a number of pieces; like a production line of a small factory, though entirely on her own. The numerous items may seem to visitors almost identical to their 150 year old brothers, but Dorit finds it important to point out that all the items are usable and durable in ovens, microwave ovens, and dishwashers. They do not contain any led and are not dangerous for use with foods.

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