Mufid the Tour Guide

Lt. Col. (res.) Mufid Abu Rishis a tour guide and the scion of one of the largest families of the Druze Village Yarka.

Mufid has a B.A. degree in the History of the Middle East and Land of Israel Studies, an M.A. degree in Public Administration and he is a graduate of the Israel School of Tourism. All three degrees were obtained at the Haifa University.

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He is a member of the forum for the Promotion of Tourism in the Druze and CircassianVillages –
“Kfar Bikartem?”, that is “Have You Already Visited a Village?”, and he travels throughout the Galilee, however, his main areas of expertise are the Druze Villages at the Western Galilee: Jatt, Yanuh, Julis, Abu-Snan, Beit Jann, Peki’inand primarily his native village Yarka.

As part of the journey, he leads his travelers among the pearls of Yarka and invites them, with coordination in advance, to a meal at his own private house which is located at the heart of the village and surrounded by the residences of his relatives- a kind of a neighborhood complex of the Abu Rish family. They are welcomed in his house by his beautiful wife Amal and invited to a wonderful authentic Druze meal that she cooks in her private kitchen. The prices range between 70 to 200 NIS per person, depending on what has been ordered (the cost of a sheep raises the price).

The guests are seated in the wide terrace, surrounded by flowerpots, or in the living room where many images depict Mufid’s path from youth to adolescence, including photographs from his military service where he is photographed with renowned Commanders such the former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, as well as family photographs from his engagement period until the birth of his children.

Mufid specializes in creating package tours at the request of the travelers when the possibility to combine between a tour in a Druze settlement and a Jewish settlement exists. The tours integrate history, battle heritage and culture.

During the weddings season, it is customary in Yarka to invite everyone by means of a loudspeaker to the

marriage of the eldest son in the family. The wedding takes place at the village’s large and beautiful marriage complex. Mufid’s travelers are invited to join a traditional Druze wedding, as part of this beautiful tradition.

The price is according to the price list published by the Ministry of Tourism: 850 NIS for an 8-hour journey.