The Aqueduct Hotel

The Aqueduct Hotel is called after the beautiful aqueduct which transported water during the Ottoman period from the Kabri Springs to Akko.

The ruins of the aqueduct pass by the back of the hotel and they are part of its landscape.

The Aqueduct is a new hotel that has been added to the scenery of the Western Galilee. The hotel has a large and impressive lobby, with an adjacent bar well equipped with the best alcoholic beverages, a large dining room in which breakfast is served as well as dinner for those who have booked half board.

A large and spacious swimming pool is available for the guests, surrounded by sun loungers and umbrellas. The pool has a balcony leading from the hotel lobby, for the enjoyment of the guests who wish to sit outside. A children’s pool is adjacent to the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is not heated and is not open during the winter.

  • The Aqueduct Hotel 1
    מלון אקוודוקט- אוצרות הגליל
  • The Aqueduct Hotel 2
    מלון אקוודוקט- אוצרות הגליל
  • The Aqueduct Hotel 3
    מלון אקוודוקט- אוצרות הגליל
  • The Aqueduct Hotel 4
    מלון אקוודוקט- אוצרות הגליל
  • The Aqueduct Hotel 5
    מלון אקוודוקט- אוצרות הגליל
  • The Aqueduct Hotel 6
    מלון אקוודוקט- אוצרות הגליל
  • The Aqueduct Hotel 7

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Along the aqueduct, at the back of the hotel in the area of the villas, there is a beautiful promenade for the guests.

However there is no doubt that the biggest bonus for the hotel guests is the view from all the rooms (apart from the suites alongside the aqueduct). The rooms at the front of the hotel overlook the Mediterranean Sea and Shavei Zion, and the rooms at the back of the hotel overlook the green and breathtaking scenery of the fields of the Western Galilee and its backdrop.

The Aqueduct Hotel has 102 rooms of various types; all of them without exception are very large and spacious.

All the rooms are suitable for couples with or without children. Some of the rooms are very large over an area of 60 m2 and there are also two units with a huge 100 m2 space.

All the rooms are built in one space without partitions and each of them have a private balcony.

The suites are located outside of the main building adjacent to the aqueduct. All of them are very spacious and some have a private swimming pool and external Jacuzzi in additional to the internal Jacuzzi.

The hotel guests are invited to enjoy the Sanhedrin Spa facilities adjacent to the hotel including: external and internal Jacuzzi, wet and dry saunas, a jet pool and hot tub and a range of treatments.

The hotel has a Gymboree for children, a synagogue, and a convention and events hall. A Sabbath hot plate, coordinated in advance, and a baby’s playpen coordinated in advance may be added.