Marosh Restaurant – a Lebanese Eatery

  • Accessible to wheelchairs
  • smoking allowed

An authentic Arab restaurant specializing in traditional homemade dishes like those that can be found in the local homes. The menu is based on local, seasonal raw ingredients, Seating inside and on the terrace.

The restaurant is owned by Nabil Hana, a son of a veteran family of restaurateurs. It is spacious and can seat one hundred diners, and another ninety on the adjacent terrace.

A wide range of salads come to the table in the best tradition like: tabouleh, fatoush, shanklish, in addition to regular salads and also seasonal salads such as endive and cress.

For the starters you will find: kubeh, squid heads, veal brains, grilled Arab cheese, fried cubes of veal fillet and more 

  • Marosh Restaurant – a Lebanese Eatery 1
    מסעדת מרוש – בית אוכל לבנוני
  • Marosh Restaurant – a Lebanese Eatery 2
    מסעדת מרוש – בית אוכל לבנוני

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The Marosh Restaurant is located in the Dor Alon petrol station, on Road 89 between Kabri junction and Maalot. It is a Lebanese eatery offering a traditional menu with an abundance of salads, main courses and desserts.

The petrol station complex and the restaurant are completely disconnected – the entrance is around the back, the restaurant is at the back of the petrol station and its large windows overlook beautiful scenery.

Amongst the mains: lamb and veal shashlik, spring chicken, Halab liver, lamb ribs, veal fillet, chicken steak, entrecote, chicken liver, goose liver, sinya with tahini or tomatoes and of course fish and seafood dishes such as: sea bass, St. Peter’s fish, sea bream, shrimps, calamari, clams and crabs. Grouper, farida and red mullet are available in season.

Amongst the desserts: Beirut nights, malabi and kadaif.

There is also a children’s menu including: chicken nuggets, kebabs, spring chicken and chicken sausages.

On Saturdays traditional dishes are served at Marosh which are cooked at home by Nabil Hana’s, the owner’s wife, especially for the restaurant. You will be able to find here on Saturdays: stuffed vegetables, freekeh, mansaf, okra, mejadara, Halab aubergine and shish barak (NIS 65-75 per dish).

Marosh has a business menu priced between NIS 90-130 which includes: a range of salads, a main course of choice, soft beverage and dessert.

You can also have a traditional Arab breakfast at Marosh including: an Arabian omelette, various cheeses, humous, fatoush salad and other salads. Price: NIS 45 per person.

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