Roots Resturant – Akko

An Arab, a Jew and a Muslim….it sounds like the start of a joke but it is completely serious: Chef Uri Arnold, a friend of two Akko residents, a Muslim and a Christian opened together something that was so missing in Akko: a kosher chef restaurant which is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Israel.

The restaurant which is not only kosher but also good, is situated in a dreamy location, in the heart of an enchanted garden adjacent to the Knights’ Halls at the Akko Fortress, within a space with a domed and decorated ceiling and stone walls which could tell the story of thousands of years of history.

The restaurant offers a menu of Levantine cuisine and combines local Akko dishes and modern cooking techniques influenced by the local cuisine.

  • Roots Resturant - Akko 1
    מסעדת Roots-אוצרות הגליל
  • Roots Resturant - Akko 2
    מסעדת Roots-אוצרות הגליל
  • Roots Resturant - Akko 3
    מסעדת Roots-אוצרות הגליל
  • Roots Resturant - Akko 4
    מסעדת Roots-אוצרות הגליל

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You must start your meal with a platter of starters which are served with local bread, hot and straight from the oven. Alongside the humus, aubergine and the rest of the starters you will also find the most surprising dish of labneh yoghurt made of tofu which tastes just like goats cheese labneh (you remember that the restaurant is kosher?). Not only is the labneh here vegan, but also the parmesan cheese for those who can’t manage without it. In addition on the menu is an excellent dish of fish shwarma served over a mound of tahini and onion with sumac, veal Carpaccio, wonderful arayes which is called here Arzonim. This is a dish of pita bread filled with lamb dripping in fat with tahini and amba (mango chutney).

For the mains the tahini dumpling is the star, as well as beef and lamb meatballs cooked in hot tahini, lamb spareribs alongside freekeh, chicken sofrito, lamb neck and more.

For dessert: hot baklava cigars with vanilla ice cream, Uri Arnold’s famous halva parfait with shredded halva and pecan shards and malabi in pomegranate syrup.