Ma’arat Ha’Malachim

The two vacation units in the complex share a joint well-kept garden overlooking the breathtaking view of the Mountains of the West Galilee, where the communities of Kfar Veradim, Ma’alot, Zuriel and Hurfeish are situated. The grapevine interlaces its branches and a Large and shady Margosa tree stands at the center of the garden surrounded by flower pots in bloom. The garden has tables, chairs and a small paddling pool 4X2 meters wide and 1.20 meter deep.

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The first, family, unit is quiet modest: it consists of two rooms and includes an accessorized kitchenette, a slightly outdated small television and a private sitting corner outside the Zimmer, with a table and chairs. The children’s bedroom consists of a sofa-bed and two armchair beds. The master bedroom has a double bed and an additional TV. The bathtub is basic and very clean. The second unit s built in the design of a cave and is much more spacious than the family unit. The living room is built in oriental style: low tables and settees, a television, a fireplace working in winter. The living room area also comprises an accessorized kitchenette including a dining table and chairs. The bedroom is especially large. The bed is built of stone; the Jacuzzi is large and round and is also made of stone. An additional TV is connected in the bedroom to the home theater system positioned on an old sewing machine. In addition to the Jacuzzi the ‘cave’ has another shower and bathroom with a sink outside the bathroom.

The owner of the complex, Najah Heir, says that she prepares gluten free meals for her guests and sells gluten free products such as Pitas, Sambusak, cookies, pizza base, and pizza with zaatar.

If you call Najah from the road, she will turn on the air-conditioner for you, so that in the summer you will arrive in an air conditioned, cool room and in the winter to a comfortably warmed room.

In addition, Najah will gladly sit with her guests and tell them about the traditional Druze way of life, about their kitchen and customs and to direct her guests to local attractions and tours.