Makom Balev , Liman

Each one of us has their own ‘Thing’; an area that is second nature to them; flows in their veins; something fundamental that requires no teaching. Many are still searching for that ‘thing’, while others have already found it. Yael Glaimer from Moshav Liman is one of the latter. Yael’s ‘thing’ is people. She reaches out and touches them effortlessly, and her hooked returning guests are a testimony to that. Of course, the four Guest Rooms at Makom Balev, designed and managed with the utmost devotion play a part in it too.

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Yael, a Nahariya girl who married a Moshav boy, has always dreamt of opening her own vacation rooms. Five years ago, when circumstances were just right, she joined forces with her husband and after through research they decided not to bring ready-made wooden cabins but rather design and build four pampering guest rooms from the ground up. Construction was designed to provide maximum privacy for each unit and these are accessorized to the highest standard – down to the stylistic curtain shower. The vaulted, rustic ceiling provides a spacious atmosphere. A private balcony is set in the rear. Makom Balev is crisscrossed with pathways, and disabled persons will be glad to find a place that had everyone in mind.

However, the one single thing that makes this green compound a memorable one is the activity around the pool positioned between the rooms and the kitchen, where Yael daily cooks her famous breakfasts. At the poolside you will find a broad, shaded balcony that will enable you to spend a full day in view of both the sky and the water: in the background landscapes of the Galilee, in the front a large screen and all around an entertainment system with music for the choosing. Incidentally, breakfast can also be served at the large round table placed on this balcony.
In the event that, albeit the vacation, you wish to treat your family to a meal of your own making, the accessorized kitchen overlooking the pool is at your disposal.

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