n the heart a tangerine orchard, next to the swimming pool of the Biktapuz boarding houses’ complex, resides Martin and Meir’s Breakfast Club which offers opulent Israeli breakfasts.
The Breakfast Club Restaurant is located within a large tent, air-conditioned during the summer and heated during the winter. The vintage-style designed tent comprises items and details that belong to past times. The meal is held around tables and it suits couples, families as well as small groups of people.

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Israeli chopped vegetable salad, carrot salad, Arab salad, eggplant salad, healthy cutlets made from quinoa and black lentils, green onion and parsley, a selection of goat cheeses, olives, butter, organic halva and homemade apricot, orange, tangerine and strawberry jams, diverse types of egg dishes and primarily Meir’s famous shakshuka, all are served to the table.
The wonderful sourdoughbread accompanying the meal arrives from the Lechem Bar Bakery in Tarshiha, the fresh coffee is ground at the restaurant by Meir, the proprietor, who specializes in the preparation of coffee called Ilan’s Coffee which comprises three layers. In addition, tea infusions from herbs grown in the garden, mainly mint, and a limonana beverage, are also served. During the tangerines season, the guests can squeeze by themselves as much tangerine juice as they desire and also pluck tangerines from the trees and eat them.
The coffee, tea and cold drinks are unlimited and so are the salads.
The price: 60 NIS per person.
The guests are awarded the option to spend time before or after the meal at the beautiful shaded swimming pool, surrounded by relaxation armchairs, for an additional charge of 100 NIS per person.
Open between 9:00-13:00.

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