Dr. Dabour- Visitors Center

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The unique vegetation of the Galilee is not only beautiful to observe, but also healthy for the skin. At Dr. Dabour’s laboratories in the nature reserve of Meron visitors can learn the secrets of Galilean medicinal herbs and the relation between traditional use of herbs and current knowledge and technology. In the Druze village of Beit-Jan, the highest community in the area, at the heart of the Meron nature reserve, where one’s lungs fill up with the pleasure of breathing clear air, and the senses awake in view of the wild Galilean landscape, stands the Dr. Dabour’s Visitors Center.

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    מרכז המבקרים ד"ר דבור - אוצרות הגליל
  • Dr. Dabour- Visitors Center 2
    מרכז המבקרים ד"ר דבור - אוצרות הגליל
  • Dr. Dabour- Visitors Center 3
    מרכז המבקרים ד"ר דבור - אוצרות הגליל
  • Dr. Dabour- Visitors Center 4
    מרכז המבקרים ד"ר דבור - אוצרות הגליל
  • Dr. Dabour- Visitors Center 5
    מרכז המבקרים ד"ר דבור - אוצרות הגליל
  • Dr. Dabour- Visitors Center 6
    מרכז המבקרים ד"ר דבור - אוצרות הגליל

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The Visitors Center is a unique and attractive combination of old and new, wood and stone, vegetation and water incorporating innovative and modern equipment with extensive knowledge on topics related to natural products. The Visitors Center also serves as a research center for students in various fields of science. People arriving here for a tour or in order to purchase quality products, can expect a unique experience.
Dr. Dabour, who founded this place, has a Ph.D. from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), lectures on clinical pharmacology, biochemistry and medicinal herbs and is a former IDF Chief Pharmacist. The unique Visitors Center that he created combines his love for the medicinal-herb-rich environment that he grew in with his accumulated local traditional knowledge and the application of the two using highly advanced technologies. At the entrance to the Visitor Center visitors can look through a window at the modern sparkling machinery used for the extraction of medicinal herbs and the refining of essential oils and flower water.
Visits to the Dr. Dabour Visitors Center may include guided tours spiced with traditional stories of garden grown medicinal herbs, a variety of lectures on different topics, such as dealing with skin aging, the surprising world of medicinal herbs and local traditional stories.
The Visitors Center was established as an act of social support designed to provide an answer, albeit fractional, to the unemployed women of the sector. It was also designed to support farmers and as an educational act in the form of a student research project. Moreover, the production process utilizes olive leaves, found in abundance in the area, thus preventing pollution of the environment by the thick smoke resulting from their burning.
Dr. Dabour’s visitor center is open to individuals, groups and companies, and can accommodate teambuilding days, workshops and special events such as conferences and more.
So, for people who feel that they know the Galilee area well, here is another hidden gem worthy of knowing.