Sea-Safari and diving Center at Shavei Zion

“We enable visitors to get acquainted with what the environment has in store”, explains Gil Hayun, the owner of Indigo, the Sea Safari and diving Center at Shavei Zion Beach.

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Activity times

09:00 18:30
Fridays and holiday eves
07:00 18:30
07:00 18:30

Contact and address

Phone for reservations
Shavei Tizyon

Contacting host

Nahariya born Hayun, is an idealist and avid local patriot of the Western Galilee who has been deeply immersed in the ocean and diving business for the past 25 years. Following a period in which his activity was based in Haifa, he now completes his seventh year in the current location at Shavei Zion, his place of residence for the past decade. “It is important that people get acquainted with the beauty of the Western Galilei” he says while displaying the beach to us with the pride of a person touring the house he had just built.
Gil Hayun’s Indigo has two main centers: a maritime center named Safari-Yam that includes sea activity, attractions and sea-side activities – and the older diving center designed primarily for professional tourism.
Gil: “Our beach is the perfect location. It is a proclaimed beach that includes, amongst others, sheds and two astonishing lagoons fit for children and adults”. And indeed, the famous lagoons at the Shavei Zion beach are the nearest thing to a pool that you have ever seen in an ocean and in general; the local breakwater turns this whole area of sea water into an especially calm one.
The maritime center’s activity includes rental of two-sitter kayaks for independent rowing (following briefing and signing health and insurance confirmations)as well as cruising on especially large Tornado boats (technically considered ships) that enable viewing the whole coastline without getting wet. A cruise on such boats lasts about an hour and includes a break for swimming along the reef using a mask and snorkel: “there are ship wreck debris in the area and visitors are astonished from the diving sessions”.
Groups contacting Indigo can also coordinate in advance beach activities such as games (volleyball, paddle ball) various treatments (Yoga, Tai-Chi, Watsu and more) as well as innumerous other possibilities that the Indigo team will be glad to try to carry out.
Indigo’s diving center offers acquaintance diving in the company of an instructor, refreshment diving sessions, diverse diving sites within a 25km (15.5 miles) radius for experienced divers (the Rosh Hanikrah crevices, the Great Canyon, the tag-boat, Turkey, the Japanese gardens, the Wall, Shira submarine, the Missile Boat, and other sites) and a professional diving gear shop.

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