Travel Route: Yanuh Stream and Cedar Pool, Linear-trail

The trail from the Tefen industrial zone to the Cedar Pool at the edge of the village of Yanuh begins by walking in the Yanuh stream. Follow the wide path crossing the wadi, tilled into small patches of land containing fruit trees, vegetables, mint and other herbs.
The trail is entirely exposed; however the view that can be seen from it is magnificent. The trail ends at the Cedar Pool – a pool used for collecting rainwater.

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Getting There
Follow the roadway connecting Kefar Vradim and Tefen (Road 854). When you pass the Dor-Alon gas station on the left (for people coming from Kefar Vradim), look for the beginning of a wide path on the right side of the road. The path is located about 100 m (~109 yard) after the gas station. Please note that the path can only be reached from the direction of Kefar Vradim (there is no left turn from the direction of Tefen). Park the car and start walking on the pathway facing west.
After about two km (~1.2 miles) turn left and start ascending following the green trail-mark. This path leads to the Cedar Pool – a pool used for collecting rainwater located south of the village of Yanuh.
In winter the pool is filled with water and tiny, white Common Water-Crowfoot flowers blossom on the water surface. In summer the pool is dry, yet even then one can enjoy its beauty and the magnificent view surrounding it.
From the Cedar Pool proceed towards the village of Yanuh where additional vehicles should be waiting in order to enable returning to the starting point.
To get to the assembly point drive through Kefar Vradim: from Kefar Vradim descend towards Yanuh. Enter the village and continue following the roadway constantly descending (southwards). The road is very curvy and has many exits. It is important to continue following the road straight down until you reach the roadway connecting the villages of Yanuh and Jat (Road 8721). Now turn left (Eastwards) and drive until the point where it turns into a dirt road. There you should park your car. This point is about 700 m (~765 yards) west of the Cedar Pool.
Trail type: Linear (Vehicles must be transported to end of trail)
Trail Length: about 7 km (4.35 miles)
Difficulty Level: easy
Recommended Season: Spring and autumn
Suitable for the whole family