Nichoah Hatzir (Hay Aroma) wooden cabins

Nichoah Hatzir’s 4 wooden cabins are scattered around what used to be an agricultural farm, surrounded by avocado and banana groves. Each cabin is uniquely designed: some suitable for couples, others for families. Each cabin enjoys a separate entrance and utmost privacy, complete with its adjacent parking space.

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At the heart of the farmyard stands a large Poinciana tree and not far from it an impressive 400 years old olive tree.
The walls are decorated with the owner’s own mosaic artworks, recreating work the farm that occupied this place in the past, and depicting the coastline stretching opposite Kfar Liman from Achziv to Rosh Hanikrah. Another wall is decorated with mosaics of ‘the Seven Species’ (seven fruits and grains mentioned in the Bible as typical of the land of Israel).
Date, Mango, Citron trees and Pitanga bushes are part of the natural setting of the farmyard in which the wooden cabins are scattered, each with its own private balcony offering a table and chairs and a barbeque facility.
The cabins are equipped with Plasma screen satellite TV, Home Theater System and a large pampering Jacuzzi.
The kitchen is accessorized and equipped for cooking. The cabin also offers a dining area, spacious bathroom and a wooden double bed.
Guest will find at the cabin a Coffee/Tea set, bottle of wine, chocolates, fruit picked at the farm as well as herbs from the herb garden.
One family cabin offers a bedroom for parents, and accommodations for four children with sleeping arranged in the living room and in the gallery. The Jacuzzi is set in the bathroom.
Another family cabin offers a large Jacuzzi set in the living room, under a window sheltered by reeds.
The couple’s cabins are built as one space offering a double bed, accessorized kitchenette, a dining area and a Jacuzzi.
The bathroom is spacious and includes a toilet and a shower.
The cabins wooden walls instill a warm atmosphere. Ceramic works and art creations adorn the cabins walls and shelves. The cabin is decorated with freshly picked flowers and potted plants. Lanterns that give off a romantic glow at night are hanging on the balcony.
Breakfast may be cooked in the cabin or ordered for additional charge.
The owner promises that given advanced notice about a festive event she will be glad to decorate the cabin for you at no extra charge.
In summer guests are welcome to use the pool at Rosh Hanikra free of charge.

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