Yizhar’s Hand-Made Paper Workshop

  • Accessible to wheelchairs

Yizhar’s Hand-Made Paper Workshop is located in the Galilean Druze village of Jatt (near Klil). At the workshop participants learn how to make paper using a traditional method that originated in Japan. The raw material is produced from the bark of the Paper Mulberry tree, grown in a grove at Moshav Amka (near Jatt).

Activity times

09:00 - 17:00 Closed on Sundays
Fridays and holiday eves
09:00 - 17:00

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The process of paper preparation begins with breaking the bark down into fibers using wooden hammers, soaking the fibers in water and draining the water through a mesh. After the pulp is sun-dried the paper is ready. Participants will also learn how to incorporate flowers and leaves in the paper.

The workshop is about two hours long, and at its end each participant takes his work home.

The workshop is suitable for children ages 5 and older, for families and for groups counting up to 15 people.

Workshop per participant fee is: NIS 45 (subject to participation of at least five people).

A demonstration of the paper manufacturing process is also available for a fee of NIS 20.

How to get there? From road 70 between Yassif and Cabri intersection, follow the signs turning onto road 8721 towards Jatt-Yanuh. Go past Klil and continue up-hill to the village’s first traffic circle then turn left.

Other local attractions: Tours in the village of Jat, a traditional Druze village continuing many years of tradition. The tour can be combined with a visit to a Druze family, and a light Druze meal. Hikes in the Jat area. The village is located at the top of a mountain and is surrounded by streams; ikes vary in level from light to experienced walking tours.

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