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Stefany Egozi sits by her desk, her hands skillfully holding pincers and a plier. While she magically creates a new piece of Jewelry, a woman and a girl – mother and daughter – enter her studio and Jewelry store, located on a small street in Shavei Zion. They came to Stefany’s especially from Nahariya. In two days the mother’s other daughter is getting married, and she came to Stefany, whom she knows very well, to buy her teenage daughter bracelets and Jewelry for the wedding.
In fact I can understand them. People who know Stefany the Jeweler, even as briefly as I do, quickly comes to appreciate her humane qualities. Her amicable nature, her natural openness towards anyone who enters her store, all these combine with her high level of professionalism in gold and silver crafting, and the unique concept Stefany’s works are based on:

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“My inspiration begins with my love for materials, textures and nature. I find my inspiration on the nearby shoreline and in the sea. Corals, urchins, I look at the way nature chose to design these marine creatures, and make connections to my own work. My jewelry making focuses on primal unprocessed materials for the creation of a wonderful piece of Jewelry that can be worn with no time limitations.”
Stefany is always happy when people visit her store, and even more so when a couple chooses to spend two or more hours of guided creation in her studio. Quite a few couples come out of Stefany’s workshops holding an original wedding band in their hands; a ring they have created themselves from 0.925 silver, gold in different purity levels or a combination of precious stones, diamonds, gems and real pearls.

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