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“Treatment does not rely only on how it is given – but also on how it is received”, Renata SintJago explains. “In the first treatment many patients find it difficult to accept, let go, to give in.” Renata, who lives with her family in Mitzpe Abirim, gives holistic touch treatments (body and soul) in guest rooms and in customer’s homes.

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Renata believes that any event that we have gone through is stored in our body, so that her treatment is not only physical: “It is a person’s journey inwards”. Therefore, she manages many times to bring her patients to a state in which they are awake but at a slightly different level of awareness. “It goes together. When the mind is not relaxed the body is also cramped. When I open up areas in the patient’s body – the patient himself opens as well.”

Renata, Dutch born and already 12 years in Israel, is also a qualified Doula (pregnancy and birth support person). Her exotic family name comes from the Caribbean Islands – where her father was born. The first thing she does when she comes to give treatment is create a comfortable atmosphere using candles, incense and music. During treatment she uses warm oils, hot stones and more. “I master many techniques such as Shiatsu, Reiki, Swedish massage, Prana therapy and Ayurveda. I talk to patients and try to build a treatment suitable for them using a combination of techniques. Each patient has his/her own golden path.”
Renata studied different massages in the Netherlands as far as 20 years ago. “In the beginning it was Aromatherapy and Shiatsu”. Later on she went to India and studied Ayurveda – a technique that includes much stretching as well as the use of the therapist’s feet on the patient’s back. “After studying in India I felt that I was ready and willing to give,” she says, “this awareness planted roots deep inside me. It is important for me to help patients to become aware of their own condition. Aside from discovering new muscles, people are surprised to discover new things about themselves. After I work on the body I also release the head and the face, in order to relax the mind and soul.”
Talking to Renata one understands that this precisely is her creation: when her patients feel good, she feels good.

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